By Domenico Bettinelli

Hey everybody. Happy New Year! I wanted to update you on what’s going on with The Fathers Show. As we mentioned in our most recent show, episode #23, “The Fathers on Advent Preparation”, Fr. Chip had some medical issues to take care of. Those issues turned out to be a little more serious than expected and he’s been in the hospital and rehab for several weeks now, getting his foot worked on. We don’t know how long it will be until he’s back, never mind able to record a podcast, but we do have solid plans to come back as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience and I know Fr. Chip would appreciate your prayers.

By Dom Bettinelli

Fr. Chip and I have been friends for several years now and we’ve been working together and creating shows for nearly all that time. In fact, this is our third show together, although it’s our first podcast. Previously, we co-hosted The Good Catholic Life, a daily Monday through Friday afternoon drive show in Boston. It was an hour-long and we interviewed authors and local Catholics and had generally had some laughs.

After the show ended, I went to work for Fr. Chip at his parishes nearby as the communications director. While there we were asked to contribute to a different show on the Station of the Cross radio network heard in upstate New York and Boston. It was called Calling All Catholics and we took calls from listeners who had questions or wanted to discuss the topic of the day. It was only on Mondays and we did that for about a year.

I’ve since moved on to another job but Fr. Chip and I remain in touch and as friends. He also continues to be host of a television show on the CatholicTV network called Searchlight, on which he reviews movies.

But we always said we’d like to do something less formal and more fun in a way that only a podcast could be. Our intent is for The Fathers Show to feel like the best parts of American talk radio, a couple guys having fun talking about the things that interest guys: sports, movies, current events, beer and cigars, hands-on projects, finding our way in a modern world that doesn’t seem to value traditional masculine traits. And given who we both are, we’ll talk about our faith at times as well.

We hope you’ll enjoy the show and that you’ll give us your feedback. You can send us email at Written email is fine, but if you record a brief message, no more than 2 minutes, perhaps using the voice memo feature on your phone, and email that to us, we can play it as we record.

Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy.

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